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Making the Transition

This is definitely a season of transition. Back in March God told me to give up my apartment, put my things in storage, and go wherever He leads me. Needless to say, I have had a few adventures since then. (Following God is definitely not boring!)

After spending some time in Virginia, Los Angelos, Washington,  and Arizona , I am staying with a friend in Corpus Christi. Years ago, when I envisioned my 50’s, I never thought I would be sleeping on friends’ couches. I also didn’t envision all of the God adventures!

In the midst of ministry, retreats I have been blessed to attend , and too many blessings to count, I have been trying to transition from the mindset of a lay minister gal who teaches Bible studies to that of an author. I am also transitioning from randomly posting on a blog to having a website that I will keep current.

The Lord gave me the website idea a couple of years ago, so it is exciting to see it beginning to take shape. Hopefully, within a month it will be up and running. On my website, I will be posting weekly testimonies from other people as well as personal updates. There will also be short video blogs about a number of topics. It will even contain links to purchase my books.

Although I am excited about this transitionary season, at times, I am also a bit overwhelmed. Thankfully the Lord is sending me a lot of help! From talented people who know how to design websites to encouraging friends who have been cheering me on, I am being abundantly blessed.

When I have the website up and running I will post the domain name and link on this blog.

May you be encouraged in all God is doing your life!

Have beautiful, blessed day,

Jeannie Diane1