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Who Would Ever Have Thought?

20160504_100016A little over a month ago, when the Lord told me to put my things in storage and move out of my apartment, I had no idea that He was going to send me into a season of fulfilling some of my heart’s desires.

Later this month I will be in Los Angeles for a Bethel conference. Then I will be going to Washington to see my daughter and her husband and my three adorable grandsons. (I can’t wait to hold my six-month-old grandbaby for the first time!) Currently, I am in Virginia visiting my oldest daughter and starting a Bible study for some of the women in her neighborhood. These have all been desires of my heart.

Today, the Lord fulfilled another of my heart’s desires. In 1986, my mother was healed of an incurable immune system disorder after receiving a word of knowledge while watching a show called the 700 Club. And in 1987, I was healed of a congenital heart murmur while watching the same show. Through the years, I saw many answers to prayer for family and friends after calling into their prayer line.

I had always wanted to watch the show live, but although I had been to Virginia twice, it had never worked out. Today, that changed. Not only were my daughter and I able to be in the audience during the airing of the show, after the broadcast, I presented Pat with a copy of my book. What a privilege it was to meet the man who’s obedience to the Lord had impacted my family in such an amazing ways!

Surely with God all things are possible!!!!

Ephesians 3:20

Have a blessed day,

Jeannie Diane