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Little Things

A couple of days ago I made a quick stop at the dollar store. As I was standing in the checkout line, I felt the Lord’s leading to pay for the purchases of the young woman in front of me. The total was only four dollars. Since it was such a small purchase, I was surprised at the woman’s reaction. She must have thanked me ten times. When she asked me why I paid for her items, I told her it was because Jesus loved her. Her friend who was with her exclaimed, “She knows Jesus!” As they left the store I heard the young woman say to her friend, “Now, that is how MY God works!

When I paid for the young woman’s purchases I had no clue that something that seemed so little would be so big. I left the store thinking, “Yes, That’s how MY God works!

Philippians 4:19 “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus” (NIV.)

Have a beautiful, blessed day!




Birthing Time

Yesterday reminded me of the transition phase of labor. It began with my Dad accidently locking me out of the house. Over the next few hours, I was on the phone with numerous people concerning cable issues and bank and start up business problems. (I just loved being told my new bank ID number doesn’t exist 🙂 Later on when I was trying to obtain my fed tax id number, I got kicked off of the site 3 times.

I kept thinking, “Take a deep breath. Don’t sweat the small stuff. God’s got this.” But I still felt like pulling out my hair (or someone else’s.)
Even though the day didn’t go smoothly, the Lord gave me tremendous favor, let me encourage a few phone reps, and even brought me a few midwives (friends) to help me, including a bank representative who went above and beyond, even sending urgent emails and notifying me after I left her office.

As a result…drum roll please….today, after an 8 year gestation period) my first book was birthed, and I will be receiving a preview copy by Wednesday. Praise God! The baby has been born!!!!

Have a blessed day,

Jeannie Diane