No Closed Doors

I haven’t been blogging because I have been busy working on my books and taking advantage of ministry opportunities. But I am so excited about what the Lord did  yesterday I am making an exception.

Yesterday, my dear friends Josette and Karisma and I had the privilege of sharing God’s love and His Good News through Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection, with the some beautiful women and children (and 8 homeless men) at a park near one of the women’s shelters in town.

We originally were going to minister inside the shelter, but on Wednesday some complications arose and I was informed that we would have to cancel. After prayer, I felt to do the outreach in a nearby park. As I was preparing, I felt that I was to buy 5 pizzas, as well as putting together and Easter egg hunt, a craft project, and games.

Since I figured most of the women would be going to activities around town I didn’t expect much of a turn out. I ended up having computer issues over the next couple of days, while trying to print a flyer ( I had no proof anyone world attend anyway) so by mid-morning Friday I thought about calling the whole thing off. But God kept stirring me to move forward.

When I finally arrived at the shelter with the flyers, it was 2:00. As I waited outside for someone to answer the call button, I recognized one of the ladies who had just returned to the shelter. I told her about the Easter Celebration we were going to be having in the park. She was thrilled and started telling her friends.

As I loaded the car Saturday morning, I felt to buy one more pizza.(It ended up being for a group of homeless men.)

I had expected a small turnout, but over 40 men, women and children attended. I later learned the larger than expected turnout was because the shelter had run out of bus passes.

As we saw God open hearts and touch lives I though about closed doors.

The are no closed doors to God! The closed door to the shelter opened up the outreach in the park, where we had no time restraints and full opportunity to share with and pray for people corporately and individually.

The closed door to the women obtaining bus passes brought them to where they could hear about the true message of Easter and be shown God’s love. (After our celebration, we also felt to give each of the women the funds to buy a one day bus pass for them and their children so they could go and enjoy other Easter activities around town.)

This morning, I saw a sunrise Easter Passion play at the Bay front. As I watched the resurrection scene, I thought of another closed door, (the tomb.)

There are no closed doors to God!

He is risen indeed!

Happy Easter!



One thought on “No Closed Doors

  1. So true, there are no closed doors to God, He always see’s the bigger picture. I find I get stuck in my finite mind, & He will tell me Trust Me, take a step of faith and see if I will not pour you out a blessing that you cannot contain. Thank you for the reminder!!

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