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New Word for a New Year-Under and Over the Water


My heart is overflowing with gratitude! Two days ago my third sweet grandson, Alexander Reid Edsel was born. The day before his birth, I felt to call his mother, my youngest daughter Beckie. Beckie had been dilated to 4 centimeters for over two weeks and was concerned that something was wrong. When I began praying for Beckie I felt that the baby was taking on some of his mother’s anxiety. The Lord nudged me to have Beckie place the phone on her belly so I could speak to the baby and tell him not to be afraid. I told Reid that everything was OK. He could be born because Jesus was with Him and would take care of Him.

The next morning the Lord spoke to my heart, “He is ready to be born.” I called Becky and told her. She was on her way to the doctor. I heard strongly in my spirit, “Alexander Reid, come forth!” but I refrained from speaking it lest I sound too crazy. Becky called me after her appointment and told me that she was scheduled to be induced the following morning.

On the way home Beckie’s contractions started setting up. She went to the hospital a short while later. She was dilated to 5 centimeters. (Five is the number for grace.) She wanted to walk around, but upon her midwife’s suggestion, she labored a little while in the bath tub. A short while later she felt to push. She told the nurse, but was advised not to. She said she couldn’t help it. The nurse told her she would check to see how much she had dilated after the next contraction. Again Becky said she had to push. She couldn’t stop from pushing. The nurse had her stand. The baby’s head had already crowned. The nurse caught the baby. My Grandson was born in and over the water.

Today the Lord told me Alexander’s birth was a prophetic picture of what God was doing in many lives including mine.

You are ready to be born-God is ready to birth us into new places, but some of us are afraid to be born (enter into the place of uncertainty and visibility.) If that is you, God says His grace is sufficient. It is covering you and motivating you. He is ready to bring you forth.

Things might not look as you thought they would -Your birthing may look similar but different than you have imagined it would.-Nobody expected Alexander to “come forth” in the water, but God knew.

Over and Under– Alexander’s birth began in the water but his delivery ended over the water. I think it is interesting that in Genesis 1 the spirit of God hovered over the waters. Not only are you going to be birthed under the water (the place or way you did not expect.) You also are going to be birthed over the water. As the spirit of God hovers over you He will raise you up and call you forth into what he has purposed for you.

In your birthing, you will take the role of the baby and the mother-As God has been maturing and equipping you in His womb, He has been growing a baby in your womb. As you are birthed, the baby you have been pregnant with will be birthed.

When it’s time to deliver-PUSH!-The nurse did not think Becky was ready to push, but Beckie knew it was time. The baby was on the way. She couldn’t help but push. There will be people, even people of influence in your life, that will tell you it is not time to push out the baby God has been growing in you, but you will not be able to keep from pushing. Trust God’s ways and His timing. He knows when you will need to push and when the delivery will be complete.

May you have an amazing fruitful year as God births you into a new season and PUSHES you to deliver what He has been forming and fashioning in you!
God bless,
Jeannie Diane