“Are you Ready for Christmas” Revisted


IMG_0549 1Five years ago I was dreading Christmas. My last child had left home and I was scheduled to work on Christmas day. As I sat on a bench at a local department store a woman sat down beside me and asked me if I was ready for Christmas. A myriad of thoughts coursed through my mind and I jotted down a poem that drew me back to the true meaning of Christmas. Yesterday, as I scrambled around town buying last minute Christmas items and baking pies, I thought back to that 2010 “store encounter” and asked myself the same question. Jeannie, “Are you ready for Christmas?”

Here is yesterday’s response to myself followed by the original 2010 poem:

“Are you Ready For Christmas?” Revisited

“Am I ready for Christmas?”
The question lingered in my mind.
I’d finished all my shopping.
Had something been left behind?

I’ve baked all the Christmas pies.
The presents are under the tree.
So why do I feel so empty?
What is the matter with me?

“Am I ready for Christmas?”
Well let me think again.
Tonight I’ll be with family.
Let the festivities begin!

The stockings have been hung.
The ham is ready to cook.
So why am I so bothered?
What could be the hook?

Then I thought back to my meeting
With the woman in the store.
What would I have said now?
If I had been asked once more?

“Are you ready for Christmas?”

“Yes, you bet I am ready!
I have the presents and the tree.
My wreath is hanging on the wall.
How more ready could I be?”

But deep inside, I knew I wasn’t.
Although not alone as years before
Somehow I’d lost my focus.
It was time to reflect once more.

So once again I got quiet
And searched inside my heart
For Christmas’s true meaning
And a joy that won’t depart.

For my greatest Christmas gift-
The one that forever will be
Was wrapped inside a manger
And nailed upon a tree.

As I tossed some bows in my bag
And stepped into the line
I knew that I now was ready
To truly celebrate Christmas one more time.


Here is my poem form 2010:

Are you ready for Christmas?

“Are you ready for Christmas?”
Her words caught me off guard
Since I hadn’t baked a cookie
Or penned a single card.

No presents had been wrapped
And laid beneath my tree.
No stockings had been hung
To be filled with toys and treats.

“Are you ready for Christmas?”
Did she mean Christmas Day?”
I hadn’t even thought that far
So what was I to say?

My kids now live in other sates
And won’t be coming home.
So how was I to tell her,
“No I’m not. I’m all alone.”

“Are you ready for Christmas?”
The words pierced like a dart.
So as I sat there waiting.
I cried, “Lord, where is my heart?”

It was then I saw a stable
And the cross of Calvary.
And a body that was broken
And the blood that set me free.

“Are you ready for Christmas?”
I felt the answer rise
As I lifted both my head and heart
And looked into her eyes.

Am I ready for Christmas?
Well, let me tell you, Mam.
If you mean it’s true meaning,
Then yes-Oh yes, I am!

Are you ready for Christmas?
Christ has loved you from the start.
If you haven’t let Him in
It’s time to open up your heart.

For the Savior long ago
Who upon the straw did lay
Is standing now before you
To wash your sins away.

Are you ready for Christmas?
and I don’t mean wreaths and trees.
But the present of His Presence
That has come to set you free!
May you have a beautiful, blessed CHRISTmas!
Jeannie Boatright







One thought on ““Are you Ready for Christmas” Revisted

  1. Awesome poetry!!! I’m teaching Poetry at Yavapai College this spring! Do you want to help? Have a wonderful, merry Christmas, dear friend! Love you!!!

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