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As Mother’s Day approached, I had quite a few blog ideas. I thought about writing about the joys of being a mother. I thought about writing about other mothers (those who fill in the gap for absent or unhealthy moms.) I thought about writing about single father’s, mentors, or unappreciated mothers. Then I thought about my mother—and about my brother. And the thoughts about writing stopped.

Last year on Mother’s Day I was at my youngest brother’s memorial service. Mom had passed away the night before. Mother’s Day would never be the same. This Thursday before Mother’s Day I couldn’t even figure out how I felt, much less decide about what I should blog. That is until I received the promise of the flowers.

I had just finished talking to my daughter in Virginia. During our conversation she told me that she really wanted to send me flowers, but couldn’t because of a recent emergency. She is making me a card instead. I told her that I would rather have a homemade card that I can keep, than flowers than don’t last—and I really meant it.

When I hung up God spoke to my heart, “I am sending you flowers!” At the time I thought, “I don’t need flowers.” But I did!

The next day I was blessed with a beautiful red rose from someone I hardly knew. As soon as I took hold of it I started to cry. I didn’t even know I needed to cry. But God did. It was as if God handed me that flower himself and said, “It’s OK. I love you. I am here for you. Let me hold you for a little while.” A couple of days later I was blessed with a white rose.

I put the roses in a vase and set it beneath one of my favorite pictures of a father holding his baby daughter, because both the roses and the picture remind me of God’s heart for me—for all of us.

Today, I received some news which broke my heart. As I looked at the now dying roses, I was reminded of my heavenly Father’s undying love. Whether He is giving us flowers, hope for tomorrow, a hug, or holding us for a little while, we can be encouraged because He is always there with whatever we need whenever we need it.

Have a beautiful, blessed day!

Jeannie Diane

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19).



5 thoughts on “Whatever-Whenever

  1. I love that! You deserve those flowers!!! Hope all is well and look forward to God performing an amazing act and bringing us together for coffee!!

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