last clockThere have been seasons in my life when I have felt stuck. Sometimes it is because of difficult circumstances or difficult people. Sometimes it has been because I am living in in a particular place. Sometimes it has been a combination of all three.

In my stuck seasons, I have tried to be faithful to what God has called me to do as I have anticipated my freedom. One day, while I was praying, (begging would be a more accurate description) for God to end the season I have been in and let me “get on with my life,” I saw a vision of a clock. Its hands were rapidly spinning, signifying the passing of not only days, but years.

The hands seemed to be spinning out of control, but I felt a sense of God being in control—not just in control of the clock, but of time itself, particularly the seasons of my life. God spoke to my spirit that things were getting ready to accelerate in my life, due in part, to the people with which He had surrounded me. At that moment, I realized that I hadn’t been stuck; I had been placed.

God had placed me exactly where He wanted me. He had placed me where I and others would prosper the most. My stuck season had really been a season of equipping, growth, and connections, that would cause much to come about quickly in the upcoming season.

Once again, I was reminded of Joseph. In the 37th chapter of Genesis, Joseph’s dreams of his destiny, but in Chapter 39, he ends up on jail duty. His purpose leads him to prison, for a very long season. I am sure there were times when Joseph felt stuck. The Bible tells us that Joseph was faithful in all that was put before him. He also had favor. While he was stuck in prison, God was setting up his acceleration. As Joseph managed the books, God was writing Joseph’s book—a story that would instantly take him from the prison—to the palace—to the position of second ruler in the land. His prison time, his “stuck season” prepared him for the destiny for which he had been created—a destiny that would save many lives!

Are you are in a “stuck season?”. Has God has given vision you haven’t seen come to pass? Are you trying to hold onto your sanity while holding on to your dream? If so, be encouraged. God is going before you and setting things in order. Continue to be faithful with all that is before you. The hands on the clock are turning and will soon begin spinning. Get ready! God is going to accelerate time as He moves you into a new season–a season of changed positions and answered promises!
Lord, you are so faithful! Thank you for all of the seasons in my life, including when I feel stuck. Thank you for your equipping and favor, even when I don’t recognize it. I am confident that where you have placed me now will accelerate where you are taking me. Help me to be faithful and learn all you have for me to learn. Help me to trust you as you lead me toward my destiny. In Jesus’ Name…Amen!


3 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. Thanks Diane for sharing this. I desperately needed to hear this today. I feel like I’ve been stuck for a very long time and being mad at myself and at the Lord. This made so much sense to me. Thanks for the blessing.

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