Lifted to a Miracle

Lifted to Miracle
Last month, in my blog “Too Heavy,” I mentioned that I had been wearing a lift in my shoe to alleviate extreme hip pain. Today I am reporting a miracle! Scroll down to see X-rays.

Let me explain: In 2007, my X-rays showed that not only did I have lower back and neck issues, my hips were also twisted, with one being higher than the other. I was going to get chiropractic care then, but opted to wait. After that, one crisis after another took precedence, so I put chiropractic care on hold. Thankfully, whenever I was extreme pain for any period of time, God would always intervene, often through the prayers of others.

Once was in 2009. I had re-injured my lower back and couldn’t straighten up. I saw a chiropractor who told me to keep ice on my back and to not lift more than 5 pounds. He also told me that trying to adjust me was like trying to move cement and commented, “I could see you everyday and it wouldn’t be enough.” ( Not the answer I was hoping to hear!)

The next day I went to a ladies’ retreat with ice packs and a back support strapped to me. I’m not sure if it was the ice packs or the fact that I could only take baby steps, groaned intermittently, and couldn’t sit up straight, but women automatically came up and prayed for me. By night fall I was feeling better, and few weeks later I was pain free.

I figured that someday I would go back to the chiropractor, but I didn’t have insurance and life kept happening.

After moving to Texas in 2013, I had another set of X-rays taken. Again I planned on getting chiropractic care, but because of an extreme shoulder injury, it was not possible.

My hip pain continued to get worse, especially when exercising or standing up from a sitting position. I often felt as if I were being stabbed with a knife. While visiting in AZ this past March, I received prayer during a small Bible study. The pastor declared that I was healed and that my leg had grown out. I claimed my healing. The pain got much worse.

When I returned home I felt to go to the chiropractor. He had me lay down, examined me, and said that my right leg was shorter than my left. Then he showed me my X-rays and explained the problem with my hips. We talked about scheduling treatments for my back and neck, but I wasn’t able to at that time. He suggested that I wear a lift in my right shoe to help alleviate the hip pain. Shortly after I started wearing the lift, the pain lessened.

In August, some friends who I dearly love, prayed for me. At the time, I was being tested for thyroid cancer. I was so blessed to be so cared for and loved by them! That night they also prayed for my hips. I was encouraged to take the lift out of my shoe as evidence of trusting God. I did.

Within a few days, again the pain was awful. Within a week, it was so severe I couldn’t stand it. I kept praying, claiming my healing and saying, “Maybe it is hurting because my muscles have to adjust to the new positioning. I am not going to miss my miracle!” (Now let me insert here, that every time in the past I have experienced a miraculous healing, it was never because I was naming and claiming anything. I know Jesus heals! It has always seemed to be more about His timing, positioning of people in my life, and what God is dong in my heart. This time would be no different.

One morning, after I chastised myself for “my lack of faith” the Lord spoke to my heart, “Did I tell you to take the lift out of your shoe?” I hadn’t even asked Him when I took it out. He then told me to put it back in my shoe.

Later that evening, I laid down on the floor and asked my daughter if one of my legs was shorter than the other. “Yes, Mom,” she replied, “put the lift back in your shoe.” We had a really good talk about disappointments, and what happens when we think we have to prove God or prove our faith. I put the lift back in my shoe.

About two weeks later, I felt to go to hear a special speaker at a church in Flour Bluff. He and his wife lead a Christian motorcycle ministry. At the end of the service he asked people who had one leg shorter than the other to raise their hands. He commented that it wasn’t a leg problem, but a hip problem. There was a show of hands, including mine. He than began to pray for everyone at the same time. It felt as if someone was pulling on my right leg and twisting it. Then I felt tremendous pressure in my hips. My hips shifted, and my right leg began to shake. I said, “I’m not sure exactly what you are doing, but thank you, Lord.” I then heard the Lord say, “Now, take the lift out of your shoe.” I was hesitant because I didn’t want to be in pain again. But I did. I have not worn it since.

Last week, I went to a chiropractor who was offering discounted X-rays because I have had difficulty turning my head. He took full body X-rays. When he was discussing treatment for my neck I noticed that my hips were straight in the X-ray. I was so excited I blurted out, “Look! My hips are straight!” He looked at me like I was nuts. “You don’t understand!” I continued, “They weren’t that way before! I have X-rays to prove it!”

I have now gone over the old and new X-rays with both chiropractors. They both are amazed! The Christian chiropractor agrees that God healed me, the pre-believer congratulated me on my luck. God is up to something!

Last month, when I put the lift back in my shoe, I had no idea that God would shorty move Heaven and earth and lift me to a new place in my relationship in Him. I am in awe of what He has done and is still doing! I am so thankful for divine appointments and especially for everyone who has faithfully prayed for me. God is always up to something. There is no telling what He will do next!

Everything is possible with God. -Mark 10:27 (NLT)

comparrison of both hips

Have a Blessed Day!

Jeannie Diane


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