The Red Sea Revisited

Last time I posted a  story called “The Red Sea” from a book I am writing.  I didn’t really want to post it at the time since it had not been fully edited. But I felt strongly in my spirit that there was some one who needed to read it ( I have since removed it until further editing.).  Looking back , I think that someone was me.

Since I last posted I have been through and seen some crazy things, the latest being my mother’s newest health crisis.

A few weeks ago Mom had a massive seizure, which left her with permanent brain damage.  After being non-responsive for a week, the doctor signed orders for her to be transported to a local Hospice unit to die.  After we sent out word to family and friends, we started planning her funeral.

The docs said she would not live, but our God of the Red Sea had other plans.  While the candles of the lives around her were burning out, Mom’s flame burned brighter.  Within twenty-four hours, the swelling began to go down in her hands, she was able to open her eyes, speak and move her hands a little, and wanted to eat. A few days later she was singing hymns.

Needless to say, she was kicked out of the hospice unit.  I do not know how long Mom has to live, but I do know this—–once again, I have witnessed first- hand that nothing is Impossible or God!

Have  a blessed day!

   Jeannie Boatight


2 thoughts on “The Red Sea Revisited

  1. It really is when He says so….about everything I guess.
    Just want to say, He loves you mightily and puts you and your mom on my heart from time to time and I know to pray. So honored to be part of all this through prayer!

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