Be the Gift!

When the speaker at a Christmas luncheon I attended last week mentioned that she was fighting a “bah humbug” Christmas attitude this year I could relate.  Instead of celebrating with my kids I am caring for my parents. Although I planned on sending Christmas boxes to my Marine sons in Afghanistan and Okinawa, due to recent moves and mix ups I can’t send their goodies because they haven’t been able to send current addresses. I don’t have clue how to bless my Arizona daughter and my North Carolina daughter-in-law. And to top it all off, I accidentally sent my Maryland daughter’s family’s Christmas gift to my parents’ address. So much for my children’s and grandchildren’s Christmas!

As I sat there feeling like a “Holiday Mom” failure, I turned my attention to my family with whom I would be spending Christmas—my parents and my special needs sister. I had already bought a small gift for my sis, but what was I to get Mom and Dad? “Lord, I have no money, and even if I did, what would I give my parents for Christmas?

I sat there contemplating a solution, when the Lord spoke to my heart: “You are the gift.”  I thought to myself “Is that enough, Lord?” Then almost immediately, I heard the speaker confirm the word in my heart when she challenged us to “be the present” to others this Christmas.”

“But what does it mean to be a present?”

 Throughout the rest of the day, I examined my mindset and attitude as I thought about what it would mean to “be a gift.” And over the next few days the expression took on new meaning.

Being a gift” gave me a new outlook as I performed undesirable tasks and dealt with frustrating situations.

Being a gift” gave me joy as I repainted the old stain glass looking window decoration, and decorated the Christmas tree.

Being a gift” motivated me to “get to know” the people around me as I waited “forever”  in the customer service line. (It’s amazing how four strangers can part as friends after thirty minutes of sharing life!)

Being a gift” challenged me to love the “unlovable” and bless “my enemies.”   

But most importantly, “being a gift” made me more aware of the greatest Christmas gift ever given—a gift that was wrapped in swaddling clothes, laid in a manger, and later nailed to a cross—a gift that now resides in my heart and transforms my life so that I too can be a gift.  Yes, this Christmas I can be “a gift” because I have been blessed with “a gift,” who is also the giver of all gifts—My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Lord, bless us to beImage presents as Your presence shines through us this Christmas!







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