Someday Land

In a previous post I mentioned that I used to live in the somedays. The following poem tells the story about the day God showed me that I needed to live in today while hoping for tomorrow. May you blessed as you read it.

Someday Land

I was raised to survive today
While living in “someday.”

For in that land people change,
And Princes whisk you away.

No one will hurt you anymore,
For all are kind and good.

“ So, if you aren’t hanging on,
Then YOU’VE misunderstood.

Faith’s believing what’s unseen;
Keep looking straight ahead.

Ignore the mess, pass the test
My Dear, your faith is dead!”

All that changed while on a walk
When God told me “Look down!”

And in front of me there lay
A dollar on the ground.

While bending down to grab it
God in my spirit said,

“Living in today, My Child,
does not mean faith is dead.

You can’t ignore the sorrow
Though pain’s not here to stay.

As you hope for tomorrow
You must live in today.

Living for an unseen time
Someday, someway, somehow.

Will rob you of the blessings
I have for you right now.

So while you’re casting your hope
On all that I have planned,

Keep your feet on solid ground
Instead of sinking sand.

As you believe the unseen
Take this as a warning.

Be sure you do not forget
My mercies come eve’ry morning.”

By Jeannie Boatright


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