Revisiting the Broken Places

Unencumbered Part II-Revisiting the broken places

Two months after I arrived in Maryland I took an unexpected detour to Texas after receiving a phone call that my mother was on life support. The Lord did so many amazing things during my Texas stay it would take me a year of blogs to share them all so I’ll just touch on some highlights from time to time.

When a dear sister in the Lord was praying for me one afternoon she said God was telling her I needed more healing from my childhood.  When I woke the next morning I heard in my spirit, Revisit the broken places!, and during the next 30 minutes the Lord spoke to me about the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem.

The children of Israel were taken into captivity because they rebelled against God.

Although many of the adults paid a price for their own rebellion, the children paid a price for the sins of their parents.

Revisiting the broken places not only brings about repentance, but healing from the wounds caused by others choices.

After Nehemiah heard from the Lord and received permission from the king to rebuild Jerusalem, he immediately encountered opposition. Nehemiah 4:7-8 …So much so, that that the workers had to carry swords as well as tools as they were repairing the wall. Nehemiah 4:17.

When God has us revisit the broken places in order to bring restoration so we can move forward, we will always face opposition. Like the Israelites we must fight with our sword (the Word of God) in one hand and work with our tools (learning truth, wise counsel etc…doing the hard work of facing our pain) in the other.  It’s through the combination of both that what has been destroyed, will be rebuilt.

Since restoration is an active process, a few nights before I left Texas, the Lord had me literally go around town with a dear friend of mine and visit some of the places where I had been broken during my childhood. As I prayed, cried, and received more truth, God healed some more damaged places in my heart, and I am much freer than before.

May the Lord bring you revelation to take you into restoration as you revisit the broken places and receive your healing to rebuild. And during the process, may you be girded with His strength, graced with His wisdom, and surrounded by His love.

Have a blessed day!

Jeannie Diane


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