God will rebuild!broken_wall


3 thoughts on “broken_wall

  1. Wow how true! I Have had to revisit the broken places in my life over the last several years as well. I dont think I saw it quite the same way but it has brought healing to my past. It is definitely a process that I seem to need to remember to do every time something new comes up that reminds me of my past and past hurts. ((((((Diane))))) ly bunches.

  2. Been sitting here praying after rereading your blog. I have some broken places right here in SA and the surrounding area that I need to go back and revisit and let go of as well, Ive dealt with LOTS of my childhood issues over the last 10 plus years but there are still many adult issues I havent allowed to totally be healed that I know are holding me back more than I would like to admit. Thank you for being willing to share this, Im sure Im going to be chewing on this one for awhile and will have to go back and revisit these broken places as well.

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