Update (Unencumbered)

I often refer people I meet on the highways and byways of life to previous blogs, so it only makes sense that I resume posting since I haven’t written a blog since 2011.  Besides, this time around, Teresa, a wonderful Christian sister I recently met has offered to proofread for me.  The plan is to post a blog every Monday.  So we’ll see how that works and make adjustments if necessary.

Now for an update…

In one of my 2010 blogs I mentioned how God promised I wouldn’t miss a beat once my child support ended, and true to His Word, I never lacked…right up until my recent February move.  Last June, God stirred my heart to relocate with my daughter and son-in-law when they got their next duty station, and although it was definitely another lesson in “Commit your plans” and God will direct your paths” or (change them all!) as I like to paraphrase, the outcome has definitely been a Jeremiah 29:11 blessing. For not only have I been enjoying spending time with family; including two adorable grandsons, I also have had the privilege of teaching a small Bible study to Marine wives here in Maryland. 

Before leaving Cottonwood, I kept hearing Leave unencumbered; which in my case meant getting rid of 80 % of my worldly possessions, including my car and paying for 5×10 storage for a year and my cell phone for six months. As usual, whether it came by mail, was taped in envelopes to my door, or personally handed to me at work, the money began to pour in…so much so…not only did I leave with my storage and phone paid, I had almost double what I had prayed for.  Although I was definitely amazed and incredibly thankful for all the Lord had provided, a few nights before my departure I learned that my unencumbered had more meaning than I realized when I received some healing concerning an old relationship.

Webster’s defines unencumbered as “not burdened, impeded, or hampered”

Although I was fully aware of my financial need, my Heavenly Father was also aware of my emotional needs. Since He knew I needed to be unburdened from some old stuff that was holding me back before I could embrace and move into a new season, He divinely ordered circumstances to bring me closure so I could prosper. He is such a good God!

Is there something that is burdening you today?

Are you being held back because of old patterns or wounds?

If so, ask the Lord to bring you revelation so He can move you into restoration.

Precious Lord, Thank you for your incredible love! I give you my financial and relational cares.  Free me from whatever is holding me back so I can embrace your plans and purpose for me, and step into the next season of my life unencumbered. You are good! You are faithful!  And I can trust you!


Matthew 11:29-30 “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”


4 thoughts on “Update (Unencumbered)

  1. Oh, this is so true of our Lord’s faithfulness! He did same for me 20 years ago when we relocated. EVERY relationship that needed restoration was mended and I was free to begin again in a new town. I wish you the very best, Diane. I look forward to following your blog. I know I’ll be inspired because you love Jesus and He’s in everything you do!

  2. Im so glad you are writing again. I needed this today. Thank you. I know our lives have crossed again for a reason and Im truly blessed.

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