Hi, My name is Rebekah, and I am Jeannie’s (Diane’s) daughter. I felt like I was supposed to share something but I wasn’t quite sure what, until today when I found this saved in my drafts while cleaning out my email.
It was supposed to be sent to a old boyfriend who broke up with me over 5 years ago. Why I still had it I have no idea.

The Email Draft
“Last night I couldn’t stop thinking about you. The way you smelled. The way you would look at me. You loved me. Your eyes said it all. So why did you end it? I catch you looking at me sometimes and your look hasn’t changed. I think you still love me. But I’m not sure anymore since you still seem to ignore me. Although I pretend that it doesn’t hurt, it does. I’m sorry, but I won’t say good bye until I know it’s over. For many years I think that it will always be you. So although I’ll let you go, I’ll still hold you close and I won’t give up on you yet. I’ve cried too much.
You showed me that I was beautiful, and you made me feel like it was just me. You respected me and showed me how to believe in myself and to follow my dreams. You believed in my dreams. You mean so much to me I just don’t want to lose you. You were the best part of my life. ”

After I read this today it made me think…
God, how many times have you felt this way about me everytime I have done something and walked away from you? How many times would you want to say to me, “My Child, for infinity I have thought about you. The way you would worship and talk to me said that you loved me from the bottom of your heart. So why did you walk away and turn your back from me? When I look deep into your Heart I think that you still love me but im not sure because you ignore everything I am, pretending not to see my glorious works and blessings. This hurts me more then you will ever know. But I will Never give up on you. You Made me feel Majestic and beautiful when you would talk to me from the most intimate parts of your life. I could show you how to believe in yourself and follow your dreams. I believe in your dreams.”


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