God’s Economy…Part I

I’ll never forget the economics lesson I learned before I went on a mission trip to the Philippines. With a little over a week left before departure I was still in need of $1,500.00.  And although I prayed believing for the necessary funds as well as provision for my three teenagers who would be fending for themselves during my absence, I didn’t have any answers or direction.

Then came Sunday morning…,

Isn’t it funny how sometimes one minute we can be bellowing out praises to God from the depths of our hearts and the next we can be at war with Him? Unfortunately, that is what happened with me when I was impressed by the Lord to write a check for $100.00 over my tithe and put it in the offering. It was a serious Dr. Jekyll; Mr. Hyde moment as I was instantly transformed from a worshipper to a worrier.  Actually, I was beyond worry…I was just plain angry. “God, don’t you realize.  I need more; not less!”

Upon returning home after service I was still having an attitude problem about the extra money I had been led to give, until God, in His faithfulness, called me on the carpet as He spoke into my spirit, Do you want to live by My economy… or yours? Because if you live by your economy, you will never be able to accomplish what I have for you to do.

 Hmm… I had to think about that for a minute before answering, “OK, Lord, I want to live by yours.”

Amazingly, before the week was over, not only had I been blessed with more than I had been praying for, but a relative upon discovering I was going on a mission trip, called my daughter and said that he was going to send her money so my kids could eat whatever they wanted while I was abroad; even if that meant steaks.

Although I was feeling secure in having all my needs met as well as having an additional designated amount to gift in the Phillippines, the day before departure God spoke to my heart that I needed to pray for 50 more dollars. However, since I was busy packing and running around doing last minute errands, a lengthy prayer session was not an option so I  just threw up my hands and said, “OK.  If you want me to have more, than you are just going to  have to bring it.” And He did.

At 3.00 in the afternoon I answered a knock at my door to receive an envelope from a friend of mine.  She said, “God told me I needed to bring this by today and give it to you.’  You know, I think I was more excited about receiving that last $50.00 than I had been with the almost $1,700 before it.

Anyway, as I gave what was determined in the Philippines, God placed a vision in my heart that would require more than I could make in a lifetime. A vision that only He could bring it to pass.  A vision that I received encouragement about the other day when a friend of mine shared a story with me about a woman who was led to rasie $20,000.00 for an orphange.  Knowing the impossibity of the situation she told God, “It might as well be a million!” To which He replied, “It might as well be 20.00. ” 

Yes, in God’s  economy…when in need…give, when in doubt…trust. when lacking understanding…surrender. For whether it be $20 or $2o,000.00, it’s all the same to Him and …it all makes “perfect” sense.


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