Remember When?

In my last post I mentioned how reading my old journals was motivating me to pass on a memorial of God’s faithfulness to my children. But as I have continued to read the entries, faith has been rising up in ME.  For as my memory and my spirit are being refreshed by the records of God’s faithfulness in impossible situations, it’s as if the Lord is shouting to my mind and heart “REMEMBER WHEN!”

REMEMBER WHEN Shanna prayed for $100.00 for her and her brother to use for the teen Six Flags trip and came running back in five minutes with a $100.00 traveler’s check from someone who was not aware of her request .-I  answered her desire.

REMEMBER WHEN Joshua prayed in obedience for pellets for the wood stove when you were down to the last bag and within days the entire shed was full again-I provided.

REMEMBER WHEN you cried out to me day and night in your loneliness and pain and I spoke life to your heart and carried you-I comforted.

I guided when you were blind, instructed when you were stubborn, comforted when you were hurting, restored when you were robbed, healed when you were sick, admonished when you were rebellious, and loved you no matter what.  Oh, my child, REMEMBER WHEN! and as you remember…. KNOW THAT I WILL DO IT AGAIN!

Precious Lord, memories of the past have stirred my heart in the present, and I am so thankful for your faithfulness….then…now…and forever!


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