God’s restoration always amazes me! As I look down at my smooth healed feet tonight I can hardly believe that they were so unsightly just a couple of weeks before, when their oozing scabs and reptilian looking appearance drew quite a bit of questions and concerns. During the healing process with each application of neem and other natural oils I wondered if they would ever lose their bubbly, scaly appearance.  But now, I can honestly say that their restoration is much more than I imagined.  Thank you, Jesus!

Observing the restoration of my feet is just another reminder to me of how God has restored my life.  In 2008, as I stood before the China Sea while awaiting the barge that would take our group across to Negros, my heart was full…full of the love of God, full of the joy of witnessing thousands come to Christ, and full of the beauty before me. And as I stood in awe marveling at all the Lord had done and was doing I remember thinking to myself It doesn’t get any better than this.

In the midst of relishing the moment, I caught sight of 7 beautiful little shells sprinkled in the sand, which I quickly gathered and held close to my heart as I relived a time 7 years before. Except then, instead of standing before a crystalline sea, I was kneeling on the floor of my room crying out to God for strength. And it was there in the midst of my broken life, my broken heart, my broken dreams and my broken children that God gave me a promise of restoration. So as the painful memories of my past collided with my previous memories of the past week on the mission field my spirit leapt, as I repeated over and over again.  Back then, I never thought restoration would be this good.  I never could have imagined this! Then as continued to bask in the awe of God’s answered promise and the glory of His restoration I boarded the barge leading me to His next grand adventure for me. 

Restoration…God’s precious promise.  It’s written in His Word.  It’s written on my heart.  It was the promise given to Job.  It was the promise spoken in Joel 2:25-27. It’s the promise given to us.  When satan comes to kill, steal and destroy, remember that God is declaring restoration over your life.  And though you may feel devastated in the “now” , God is seeing the “when”. So be encouraged as you trust in Him that there will be a day when you, like me, will stand on a shore of change and declare I never thought it would be this good!

Have a wonderful, blessed day as you take to heart God’s promises of restoration for your life!


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