Today has been a very trying day.  Not only has there been a major turnover at work; there has also been a major turnover in my heart.  Change, change,  change.  I see it, I feel it, and part of me dreads it.  But what can I do about it?

As far as I am concerned, there are three options in dealing with change.

Option one-run from it. The funny thing about trying to run from change is it always catches up with you. I can remember times when my very flight into denial actually brought about the very change I was fleeing from.

Option two-fight it.  Oh, did this ever used to be the story of my life!  whenever I would see change coming, I would dig in my heels and arm myself with my “I’m not gonna’s!” and “No ways!”  And although my fight stance did nothing to stop the inevitable ,I’m sure I left a trail of drag marks behind in the process.

Option three-embrace it.  This is the option that brings me victory and peace.  The motto of embracing is “It is what it is, so it’s time to grow.”

In order to embrace change we do not have to like it or agree with it, we just have to agree with God and His truth in its midst. Thus, instead of seeing change as oppression, we need to view it as an opportunity to grow as we seek wisdom and trust that God will bring forth something greater than what we have previously known. 

Are you in a season of change?  Will you allow what you can not change to change you? James 1:17  says that “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above..”  Do you believe that God will bring something good out of the changes you are going through right now? In the same verse James also acknowledges God as being the “…Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.”  May you be comforted in knowing that not only does God see all (for nothing is hidden in the light), He loves you and desires what is best for you…and that, my friend, will never change!

Have a blessed Day!


One thought on “Change

  1. I am with you at #3. I can’t get around it,over it or under it so may as well take a deep breathe and Jump in. It can be scary but there is no alternative. He’s the only One. And He loves me.

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