The Threshing Floor

I am not sure why, but when I finished my blog yesterday, I started thinking about destiny altering decisions that occurred in places where wheat was threshed. And immediately Gideon came to mind.  We first hear of Gideon in Judges chapter six.  While he’s hiding out threshing wheat in a winepress (sounds like a covert operation to me) he is visited by an angel who assures him of God’s hand on his life, and declares that he is a mighty man of valor.  Although Gideon doesn’t feel mighty nor valiant ( remember, he was hiding) God knew what He didn’t .  Through the voice of the angel, God called forth, not only Gideon’s identity, but also his destiny. And because the Lord was with Him, Gideon the fearful, soon became Gideon the conqueror.

Next, I thought about Ruth, the widowed Moabitess, who left all she knew to follow Naomi, her godly mother-in-law, into an unknown land. Almost immediately, she turns the head and heart of a landowner named Boaz after gleaning in his fields. Since Boaz isn’t making any moves toward courtship ( perhaps he doesn’t think his feelings will be reciprocated since he is much older than her) she follows the daring advice of her mother-in-law and visits Boaz at his threshing floor where she expresses her desire to be his wife by laying down at his feet. This life altering decision lights a fire under Boaz ,who the very next day finds out what he has to do to marry her, and sets in motion the restoration of her life.

My curiosity now peaked, I grabbed my concordance and quickly found yet another incident concerning a threshing floor. I Chronicles 21, we read about a horrible plague that was visited on the Israelites because of David’s disobedience in numbering the people (trying to do things his own way).  In order for the plague to stop, David is instructed to buy the threshing floor of Or’nan and build an altar there.  As soon as David obeys and honors and worships God, deliverance comes to the people. 

After reading these biblical accounts I couldn’t help but think of what a powerful place a threshing floor( figuratively speaking) might be as it pertains to our lives. For it is in the midst of uncomfortable circumstances that we grow the most.  For as the Lord separates the wheat from the chaff (see my last blogg),  fears are turned to faith, victims become victors, identities are revealed, destinies are declared, and lives are restored. Therefore , in the midst of our difficulties, we can rejoice in knowing that God is doing something good. 

If you are going through a difficult season right now, keep in mind that not only does God love you, but He hears you, He sees you and He knows you…and He will meet you and deliver and restore you.

Have a blessed day!


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