The Blessing of Threshing

Yesterday, I mentioned that I am working on a life inventory for a class I am attending.  I have noticed as I have begun to write down the good, the bad, and the ugly that some old stuff is getting kicked up. Can you relate?  It’s funny, but often I am unaware of my negative behaviors and unhealthy patterns until difficulties arise and bring them to the forefront. I guess you could say it’s the blessing of threshing .

In Biblical times, after the wheat was harvest it was processed through threshing and winnowing. In threshing, the harvested wheat was trampled, crushed, or beaten in order to break apart the wheat granules from the straw and chaff. Then as it was thrown against the wind and tossed with wooden scoops (winnowing)  the chaff would be carried away as the rich wheat granules fell to the ground to be gathered and stored until used.  Similarly, in order to separate the wheat from the chaff in our lives, sometimes we have to be trampled and tossed a little bit (I’m talking about trials) to bring us to a place of surrender so the Holy Spirit can blow the chaff away.

God is faithful to do the separating; we just need do the surrendering.

Lord, continue to separate the wheat from the chaff in my life.  Separate out the old lies, unhealthy patterns, and works of my flesh and bring your glory out of the rich granules that remain. You are loving. You are faithful. And You are my life!


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