Today, I decided to find my kitchen table.  Although I had a pretty good indication of its location  (somewhere under the masses of papers I have been planning on sorting) I had almost forgotten what it looked like. Anyway, after setting my brain into organization mode, I began to delve into the small mountain of pages, and before long, I had succeeded in separating the contents into three different stacks.  The first being things I would definitely keep which was comprised of cards, scribblings of blog ideas, journal writings that came to mind before I could find my journal, and comics I had cut out to put in a book my son and I are compiling together.  The second stack was made up of items that would be helpful if I used them such as assorted recipes, coupons I might actually remember to take shopping with me some day, and unread magazine articles.  While the third stack ended up in the shredder.

Recently, I have been attending a Celebrate Recovery class.  And as I am being challenged to make a life inventory, I realize there is still clutter in my heart that needs to be sorted. Some of it will be repackaged and stored away as invaluable, such as good memories, truths I have learned, and my growth in God.  And some of it will be put in the category of ‘this is good if I remember to use it”, such as hard lessons I’ve learned, scriptures I’ve memorized, and life applications.  But the rest of it (bitterness, lies, deceptions, unforgiveness, judgements, and the could of, should of ,would of’s) just need to be shredded and thrown away.


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