Since I Started Blogging…

Since I started blogging …

  • I have realized that since I think in superfluous adverbs and extensive gerunds, I am attempting to learn a new language. 


  •  Depending on the number of readers, I fluctuate between feeling like the character played by Tom Hanks in Castaway who talks to a volleyball for lack of human companionship, or a speaker standing naked on a stage.


  • I have learned that it takes me approximately 2.5 hours to condense the thousands of words running through my head into a single blog.


  • I have thought of at least a million other things I would rather do than write(Like cutting my toenails or cleaning out the fridge).


  • I have daily been challenged to examine my heart and motives.


  • I have been constantly reminded that God uses the weak and foolish things of this world to confound the wise.


  • I have become so very thankful that it in spite of my weaknesses, God is able to touch hearts and lives; for God’s abilities are always bigger than our limitations!

Have a blessed day!


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