I have had a few people share with me that they have been unable to post comments.  I know this can be confusing, but this site is set up for the approval of comments before posting.  This keeps vulgarity ect. off of the site.  So for anyone who has sent comments saying “testing” or “I can’t leave a comment”, please know that I have received your comments.

I would also like to assure everyone that the last post was about late teen or grown children.  So please do not pack up little preschool Susie’s or elementary school Johnny’s stuff and send them out to play with the pigs. Also, keep in mind, that releasing our late teen or grown children does not always mean a severing of all contact; for if we set healthy boundaries and keep from enabling, we can continue to express love to our prodigals and spend time with them, while still providing the opportunity for them to hit bottom. For the goal in releasing is not to severe relationship, nor for our children to take up permanent residence with us (No thank you!).  Instead, the goal in releasing our children is to allow them to come to the “end of themselves” so they can move into the abundant life that God has for them.

Have a blessed day as you keep in mind the prayer a friend of mine shared recently for her wandering daughter. It is the cry of my heart for my children as well as for myself.

“Lord, open the eyes of my heart!”


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