Picnicking with the Pigs

After I wrote ” Let Them Fall”, I went to bed thinking about the prodigal son.The illustration in Luke 15 of the father running to and embracing His wayward son touches the heart of any parent; but it becomes the heart cry of parents of prodigals, as day after day, and year after year, they wait for their loved ones to return in heart and soul.

 Thus, I believe that studying the parable of the prodigal helps us not only gain insight of the depth of God’s love, but also gives wisdom for handling our own prodigals.

 Let’s take a minute and look at the roles of the father and the son.

  The Part of the Son

1.  Although the son has access to everything of the fathers, he demands his inheritance and leaves the loving environment of his Father’s home. In-other-words… in being blinded by pride and selfishness, he demands what he thinks will fulfill his fleshly desires and takes off.

2.  The son wastes all his fortune on riotous living…He parties hard.

3.  The son begins to be in want…His flesh is not being fulfilled anymore.

4.  The son gets hungry…He is empty, needing to be filled

5.  The son ends up in a pig pen…He hit’s bottom.

6.  The son comes to himself….Ah Hah!

7.  The son gets up and goes back to his father…there is the trampoline 

        ….  bounce! (read the last post)

8.  The son returns willing to serve…the son comes back repentant and humble.

        II.  The Part of the Father

1.  The father gives the son part of his livelihood…provides an opportunity for the son to learn and releases him (note…the father does not beg or bargain…he just releases.

2.  The father waits…he does not try to rescue or spare his son from         consequences.

3.  The father welcomes…He does not pull out a list of “I told you so’s.”  He just embraces his repentant son and delights in his return.

4.  The father elevates…he gives his son best and shows him honor.

If you are a parent of a prodigal, my heart goes out to you.  I’ve been there…still am.  May the Lord give you wisdom for your specific situation as you release, and wait, while your precious child comes to the end of himself.

If you are a prodigal, I pray that you will realize that God loves you and adores you and is ready to welcome you home.

Have a blessed day!


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