Let Them Fall

Let him fail.” The words echoed through my mind as I fought back the urge to initiate a full fledge rescue operation.  It seemed like just yesterday, I was standing, hands ready, feet apart, in preparation to intercept my son’s small frame as he leapt from the kitchen table into my awaiting arms while crying out “Mommy catch me!”   However, now instead of stepping forward, God was telling me to take a step back.

Instead of intercepting; it was time to intercede.

Instead of receiving; it was time to release.

Instead of breaking his fall; I had to watch him fall.

I had instructed him and warned him; now, it was time to release him to suffer the consequences of his choices.

Although it’s hard to watch our children fail (or fall) when they leap into the unwise, sometimes it is the very thing they need to experience so they can learn.  After all, pain is a great teacher.  So when every fiber of my mother’s heart wants reach out and intervene, I have to remember to practice “tough love” and stand back and wait until they hit bottom.

However, thankfully the bottom is not always as we perceive it. For sometimes, instead of a floor; it is a trampoline bouncing them back up higher than they were before.  Thus, in letting them fall; we are really giving them the opportunity to fly.

Lord, I thank you that you love my children more than I could ever think or imagine.  As I take a step back , I release them to fall so you can teach them how to fly. Hold my heart as I see them face the consequences of foolish choices.  And hold my hand as you give me wisdom and direction so I will not interfere with what you are doing in their hearts.  Bring them to the end of themselves so they can experience all that you have for them. I put my trust in You and the trampoline of your love.

                                                                               In Jesus’ Name,



3 thoughts on “Let Them Fall

  1. Mom, I’m so excited about this!!! After years of listening to you reading us your writings I’m glad your sharing them with other people. As I was reading your blogs I was moved so much that I was tearing up. Thank you for all you’ve done and letting us go one moment and for being there to accept us with open arms another. You are truly an amazing woman and Mother. I love you.

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