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As a little girl, I used to find refuge in the big tallow tree in my back yard, where depending on the circumstances, I would either fantasize about being swept away by my future knight in shining armor, or I would seriously contemplate life, God and …heaven.  Yes….heaven.

In my childish understanding, since heaven was nothing more than a pearly gated community of puffy clouds occupied by little winged cherubs with lopsided halos playing harps, I remember fearing spending eternity in boredom.  And although spending eternity in hell did not intrigue me in the least, in my childish mind since being bored was the next thing to it, I was kind of hoping that there might be another alternative. That is until I caught my first breath-taking view of the purple mountains’ majesty.

Leaning forward in my seat, and peering through the car windshield, my heart had leapt as I took in the magnificent scenery before me.  And during the following weeks as I camped with my family amidst towering pines and clear rippling creeks, I felt closer to God than I ever had before . For in being surrounded by the beauty of creation, I couldn’t help but think, “Wow! If places on earth can be so magnificent, I can’t imagine how glorious heaven will be.”

I heard it once said that “When you know Christ, Earth will be the worst heaven and the best hell that you will ever experience. ” That is why when I see a beautiful sunset or a the grandeur of snow-capped mountains, I think of heaven as being immeasurably more beautiful. I think of flowers that never die, snow that doesn’t feel cold, and a never-ending panorama of beauty to behold.  I think of joy that never fades, loved ones who never part, and being free from pain and fear.  I think of light that never fades because its source is the glory of God, and I think of being with my sweet Jesus forever.

I Corinthians 2:9-” Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

Have a blessed day!

Sunrises and Sunsets

Sunrises and Sunsets;

Their beauty overwhelms.

Whether with dawn’s opening crescendo

Or evenings sweet kiss,

They illuminate the sky with majesty.

Sunrises and Sunsets,

Their vivid hues abound.

As reds, purples, pinks and golds are released

from heaven’s paintbrush,

the glory of God is splashed

across the canvas of the sky.

Sunrises and Sunsets

Are a delight to my eyes. 

But even if I were blinded to their beauty,

They would continue to color the world

 in the midst of my darkness.

……So is it with the Love of God.

      …….Just because I can’t always feel His love,

           …….doesn’t mean it is not being continuously

                 …….splashed across the canvas of my life.

              Lord, open the eyes of my heart…I want to see you!

                                                                                                          Jeannie B.

Have a blessed day!

The Threshing Floor

I am not sure why, but when I finished my blog yesterday, I started thinking about destiny altering decisions that occurred in places where wheat was threshed. And immediately Gideon came to mind.  We first hear of Gideon in Judges chapter six.  While he’s hiding out threshing wheat in a winepress (sounds like a covert operation to me) he is visited by an angel who assures him of God’s hand on his life, and declares that he is a mighty man of valor.  Although Gideon doesn’t feel mighty nor valiant ( remember, he was hiding) God knew what He didn’t .  Through the voice of the angel, God called forth, not only Gideon’s identity, but also his destiny. And because the Lord was with Him, Gideon the fearful, soon became Gideon the conqueror.

Next, I thought about Ruth, the widowed Moabitess, who left all she knew to follow Naomi, her godly mother-in-law, into an unknown land. Almost immediately, she turns the head and heart of a landowner named Boaz after gleaning in his fields. Since Boaz isn’t making any moves toward courtship ( perhaps he doesn’t think his feelings will be reciprocated since he is much older than her) she follows the daring advice of her mother-in-law and visits Boaz at his threshing floor where she expresses her desire to be his wife by laying down at his feet. This life altering decision lights a fire under Boaz ,who the very next day finds out what he has to do to marry her, and sets in motion the restoration of her life.

My curiosity now peaked, I grabbed my concordance and quickly found yet another incident concerning a threshing floor. I Chronicles 21, we read about a horrible plague that was visited on the Israelites because of David’s disobedience in numbering the people (trying to do things his own way).  In order for the plague to stop, David is instructed to buy the threshing floor of Or’nan and build an altar there.  As soon as David obeys and honors and worships God, deliverance comes to the people. 

After reading these biblical accounts I couldn’t help but think of what a powerful place a threshing floor( figuratively speaking) might be as it pertains to our lives. For it is in the midst of uncomfortable circumstances that we grow the most.  For as the Lord separates the wheat from the chaff (see my last blogg),  fears are turned to faith, victims become victors, identities are revealed, destinies are declared, and lives are restored. Therefore , in the midst of our difficulties, we can rejoice in knowing that God is doing something good. 

If you are going through a difficult season right now, keep in mind that not only does God love you, but He hears you, He sees you and He knows you…and He will meet you and deliver and restore you.

Have a blessed day!

The Blessing of Threshing

Yesterday, I mentioned that I am working on a life inventory for a class I am attending.  I have noticed as I have begun to write down the good, the bad, and the ugly that some old stuff is getting kicked up. Can you relate?  It’s funny, but often I am unaware of my negative behaviors and unhealthy patterns until difficulties arise and bring them to the forefront. I guess you could say it’s the blessing of threshing .

In Biblical times, after the wheat was harvest it was processed through threshing and winnowing. In threshing, the harvested wheat was trampled, crushed, or beaten in order to break apart the wheat granules from the straw and chaff. Then as it was thrown against the wind and tossed with wooden scoops (winnowing)  the chaff would be carried away as the rich wheat granules fell to the ground to be gathered and stored until used.  Similarly, in order to separate the wheat from the chaff in our lives, sometimes we have to be trampled and tossed a little bit (I’m talking about trials) to bring us to a place of surrender so the Holy Spirit can blow the chaff away.

God is faithful to do the separating; we just need do the surrendering.

Lord, continue to separate the wheat from the chaff in my life.  Separate out the old lies, unhealthy patterns, and works of my flesh and bring your glory out of the rich granules that remain. You are loving. You are faithful. And You are my life!


Today, I decided to find my kitchen table.  Although I had a pretty good indication of its location  (somewhere under the masses of papers I have been planning on sorting) I had almost forgotten what it looked like. Anyway, after setting my brain into organization mode, I began to delve into the small mountain of pages, and before long, I had succeeded in separating the contents into three different stacks.  The first being things I would definitely keep which was comprised of cards, scribblings of blog ideas, journal writings that came to mind before I could find my journal, and comics I had cut out to put in a book my son and I are compiling together.  The second stack was made up of items that would be helpful if I used them such as assorted recipes, coupons I might actually remember to take shopping with me some day, and unread magazine articles.  While the third stack ended up in the shredder.

Recently, I have been attending a Celebrate Recovery class.  And as I am being challenged to make a life inventory, I realize there is still clutter in my heart that needs to be sorted. Some of it will be repackaged and stored away as invaluable, such as good memories, truths I have learned, and my growth in God.  And some of it will be put in the category of ‘this is good if I remember to use it”, such as hard lessons I’ve learned, scriptures I’ve memorized, and life applications.  But the rest of it (bitterness, lies, deceptions, unforgiveness, judgements, and the could of, should of ,would of’s) just need to be shredded and thrown away.

Since I Started Blogging…

Since I started blogging …

  • I have realized that since I think in superfluous adverbs and extensive gerunds, I am attempting to learn a new language. 


  •  Depending on the number of readers, I fluctuate between feeling like the character played by Tom Hanks in Castaway who talks to a volleyball for lack of human companionship, or a speaker standing naked on a stage.


  • I have learned that it takes me approximately 2.5 hours to condense the thousands of words running through my head into a single blog.


  • I have thought of at least a million other things I would rather do than write(Like cutting my toenails or cleaning out the fridge).


  • I have daily been challenged to examine my heart and motives.


  • I have been constantly reminded that God uses the weak and foolish things of this world to confound the wise.


  • I have become so very thankful that it in spite of my weaknesses, God is able to touch hearts and lives; for God’s abilities are always bigger than our limitations!

Have a blessed day!

The Ultimate Valentine

 February 14, 2010

Whether or not you receive a gift, a card or a hug today from a loved one, I pray that you would know you have been given the Ultimate Valentine.  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.-“John 3:16(NKJ)