Better Hands

Five years ago when my son signed up for boot camp I thought I was prepared to release him.  However, soon after his departure I discovered I was wrong. For although my son was absent in my home, his presence in my thoughts continued to be so real that, at times, I thought I could hear him calling from the other room.

Consequently, during his first week away, I not only became fearful that he would never return, but I also often awoke from nightmares with the sound of his screams echoing through my mind as I fought back images of him being shot or dismembered.  

Now, I was fully aware that I should not worry, and I needed to “trust” God with my son. But no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t “let him go” ….until I was given the revelation of laying him at Jesus’ feet. 

After that, whenever I would begin to worry, I would picture myself picking up my son and carrying Him to Jesus and gently laying him down. Lord, I love Him, but you love Him more. Only you know what is best for Him.  Then I would envision Jesus tenderly reaching down and gathering him into His arms.

Many times, since then, the Lord has quickened my spirit to pray for my son as well as for my other grown children, and occasionally, I have had the privilege of hearing the outcomes.  But regardless of whether I ever learn of the circumstances or the results, I can rest assured that in laying my children down at “Lord’s feet, I am placing them in better hands than mine.


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