Little Things

My latest picture of my now one month old grandson reveals his newest discovery…his tongue .  My daughter says that he is licking everything in his vicinity: his car seat, his stroller, his blankets, even his favorite comfy object…his mother. Aren’t babies incredible?  It is amazing how each new site, smell, sound and taste spells out wonder for them as they discover the world around them, for the mundane to us is mesmerizing to them.

Although I may not be literally” tasting” my world as my grandson is doing, there are days when I taste” of” my world. Those are the days when the world feels so alive and God’s presence seems so close that I can almost feel His breath. But then there are other days, when my taste buds become numb and I lose my childlike wonder as the weariness of life overcomes me; causing me to shut down my senses and move into survival mode.  Those are the days when I lose track of the little things.

It is during those times that I ask the Lord to open my eyes and ears again to reawaken me to behold Him and His creation. For whether it’s the tiny petals peeking out from the cracks in the concrete slabs, the  frightened lizard running across my path, the intricate patterns woven into the morning frost on the window of my car, or the gorgeous sunsets painted across the evening sky, I want to daily take in the wonder of the beauty of God’s creation… But most of all, everyday I want to enjoy Him… And that is not such a little thing!

Oh to forget the little things

Seems such a tragedy.

When bursting buds and babies’ cries

 Mean nothing more to me.

When heaviness invades my soul

And steals my peace away,   

It’s so very easy to forget

The simple joys within each day.

Oh to forget the little things.

Lord, let it not be so.

With mercies new, and greater faith

May this heart inside me grow.

May my eyes and ears be opened

To your glories all around.

As I taste of your awesome presence

May your love and joy abound!

  Jeannie B.

Psalms 34:8-“Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!” (NKJV)


2 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. I love your poetry! It’s easy and friendly and fills my heart with new hope as well as well as a steady reassurance.
    Write on, Jeannie B.!

  2. Put this one on my extremem favorite list — I dearly love the poem. Todays’ blog is Today’s post is artic ice water in the blazing desert! Xlnt!refreeshment

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