Freedom Isn’t Free

John 8:36-“Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.”(NKJV)

When my oldest son was 11 years old he dressed in his camouflage pants and shirt, grabbed our 5 ft by 3 ft American Flag and proceeded to march around the block with his three siblings in tow.  Two days ago he left for Afghanistan.

The same passion that stirred him then; still stirs him now.  For even as a small child reenacting battles with legos and micro-machines he knew that true freedom has a cost.

I am proud of my sons, my son-in-law, and of all the other brave men and women who have left the security of their homeland and the people they love in order to be the watchers on the wall.

We can sleep, because they don’t.

We can enjoy our families, because they can’t.

We can live in peace, because some of them will die in battle.

When people tell me that what our military is doing is useless and that we should just bring our soldiers back home, I tell them to remember 9-11. For I believe that if we don’t fight our enemies on their soil, we will be fighting them on ours.   

When people see how God has set me free from the lies I used to believe and the torment of the enemy, I tell them to remember Calvary where Our Savior fought for us and died.  Yes, freedom always has a cost…It cost my Lord everything!


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