Each four lines of the following poem reads as a stanza.  For some reason this program will not save it that way. 


Two packages lay before me,

One elegant; one plain.

The one in finest wrapping.

The other brown with string.

With delight I grabbed the first one;

Gently removed the bows

And folded down the paper

While anticipation rose.

But disappointment surfaced

Almost immediately

As I opened up the box

And it contents I did see.

For instead of finest treasures

Of diamonds or of gold,

It was filled with thorns and thistles

And miseries untold.

So reluctantly, I reached out

And laid the second on the floor.

With it’s drab and plain appearance

What horrors were in store?

Then cautiously I cut 

The fraying well-worn string ,

And removed the Plain brown paper

To open up the awful thing.

But disappointment left

As delight filled up my soul

for in that plain and simple package

were treasures to behold.

                                         Jeannie Boatright (Diane)

I have learned that sometimes the most incredible gifts come in the most unusual packages.

 Have a blessed day!


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