Psalms 34:3-4 “Oh, magnify the Lord with me, And let us exalt His name together.  I sought the Lord, and he heard me, And delivered me from all my fears. (NKJV)


Today, I felt to share part of a letter I wrote back in 2001.  I pray that it will encourage and bless.

 The Lord is continuing to show His faithfulness to us in all areas of our lives as He takes us into a time of restoration and healing.  With everything going on in the world it’s often hard to understand why so many have to suffer for the sins of others.  But as we continue to trust in the midst of our circumstances and keep our eyes on Him, we can be assured that He is faithful and able to carry us through.

Recently, while worshipping at church, the Lord shared a revelation with me that changed my perspective. I was feeling particularly discouraged over some situations going on in my family when the words of the song we were singing about magnifying and lifting up the name of the Lord suddenly pierced my heart. And I became aware that
my discouragement was because it was as if I were looking at my circumstances through a magnifying glass. Then God spoke to my spirit, “Look up!  Magnify me instead!”

As I literally lifted my head, I began to experience the awesomeness of God. And with my magnifying glass now shifted upwards, I was overwhelmed by the revelation of His magnificence and power. For in the midst of my glimpse of who He was, my present circumstances seemed small and insignificant.

I pray God’s blessings over you today.  May He comfort you in your distress, calm you in your fears, reveal His glory in the midst of your circumstances, and flood you with joy.  Have a wonderful day!


2 thoughts on “Magnify!

  1. I want you to know that I have been enjoying your blogs-
    amazed at all of your ideas and glad that this is a part
    of your dream for writing. God has given you a fine gift. Glad
    that you are using it.

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