Let Me Be God!

As last year was coming to a close there were so many decisions that needed to be made.  I was expecting my first grandchild around the 29th of December and was believing for a January 1st delivery because that is when I felt led to schedule my vacation time at work.  A couple of months prior, when I had signed up to work extra days in order to cover a  fellow   employee, I had been impressed to keep the 19th of December open;  actually, the Lord had spoken to my heart that He had a surprise for me on that day.  Twice during the next week when I was tempted to sign up for the 19th because cash and Christmas seem to be synonymous around the holidays, I heard in my spirit, “Let me be God!”

 Over the course of the next couple of weeks I heard the phrase often as my oldest daughter announced that she had scheduled a later flight and would not be home for Christmas, as my youngest son announced that he was leaving town for the holidays, as my youngest daughter kept reminding me that she really wanted me there for the birth of the baby, and as I pondered how I would obtain the gas money for our travels in January.   And although I initially had recorded a few speculations as to what my surprise might be in my journal, in the midst of all of the business and changed plans, I forgot completely about the 19th. 

That was until Thursday, the 17th when my daughter called saying that her false labor was becoming more regular and was wondering if it was really false.  After telling her that I would be praying and to keep me informed, I then called some of my friends to pray as well. When I shared the news with one of my closest friends she seemed troubled that I was not going to be able to go out for the birth of the baby.  I told her that I did not believe that I would be there at delivery, and that I had no way of going anyway. I also explained that I had surrendered my concerns considering  my children and was just trusting  because every time I prayed for direction I didn’t get any answers except “Let me be God!”

 To make a long story short, within 24 hours I had been blessed with my Christmas check from work and was heading to California along with my dedicated friend in the driver’s seat, and my son, his girlfriend and my daughter’s best friend crammed in the back.  On the way, we were detoured to Palm Springs because my minutes old grandson was going to be transported to another hospital due to complications.  A little after midnight as I was sitting in the Palm Springs NICU touching and singing to my beautiful new grandson while awaiting the arrival of his parents from Twenty-Nine Palms, the promise of my surprise came back to me once again. I could not of thought up anything better.

 Anyway, after a whirlwind trip to and from Palm Springs I ended up working a lot more extra hours due to some unforeseen staff emergencies and returned to California on the 2nd of Jan just a couple of days after my grandson was released from the Hospital.  One morning, while sitting in my daughter and Son in law’s living room with most of my children and my new grandson, I began to replay the events of the past couple of weeks in my mind.  As I reflected on how the scheduling changes, the unforeseen challenges that had arisen, and the supply of finances for two trips instead of one had all come together in such an incredible way, a sense of awe began to rise up in my spirit. “Wow, Lord!  I can’t believe how you put everything together! I’m so glad that you are God and I am not! 

I love Proverbs 3:5-6 ,and I am learning more all of the time to release things I don’t understand and trust the Lord to put them together.  I am also always amazed at how He does it. 

This morning I had a  situation arise with a family member.  Immediately, I wanted to jump in and fix everything.  Once again I hear that still small voice urging me to surrender everything and trust.

Maybe you are going through a season in your life that you do not understand.  Maybe you have tried to no avail to do all you can do to make things work out the way you planned ( I used to be an expert at that).  If so, may I encourage you to let go of the reigns and just Let God be God. He does an awfully good job of it! 🙂

                                    Have a Joyous Blessed Day!

                                                Jeannie Boatright


4 thoughts on “Let Me Be God!

  1. Diane, it sounds great. I will try to keep up on your posts, but most of the time don’t make it out of bed till I come to work. Where did your alias come from? Since I have no imagination, mine would probably be my name backwards. I can’t wait till your book come out to read that.

  2. It works! You did it! Doesn’t this count as being in print?

    Well done. And well taught. Sounds a lot like book material to me…

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