What is it?

I distinctly remember the day I learned the meaning of the word manna.  It was during my freshman Bible class.  Actually, the introduction of this new definition armed many of my classmates, as well as myself, with fresh ammo as we headed off to the cafeteria for lunch that day?

Upon entering the kitchen, we amused ourselves immensely (please keep in mind that we were freshman) as we pointed to the various indescribable assortments of  leftover creations while repeating over and over again “Look ! Manna!”  I’m not sure if the cafeteria women thought that we were insinuating that their concoctions were heavenly, or if they just thought that we were insane, but they obviously were ignorant concerning our little joke.  For unbeknownst to them , every time we said the word manna…we were referring to it’s definition.. ” What is it?  Come to think of it..that could describe some of the dishes I have come up with at times!

Anyway, it makes sense that the Israelites named manna “What is it?” , for it was unlike anything they had experienced before.   But their lack of understanding or maybe ingenuity did not change the fact that every morning as they rose to gather their daily supply(except before the Sabbath when they were led to gather a double portion) their “what is it” was waiting for them to provide sustenance and strength for each day.

We are reminded in Lamentations 3:21-23 that the Lord’s mercies are new every morning and great is His faithfulness.  Although each morning I might not be carrying a basket and gathering white wafers that taste like honey off of the ground to sustain me, I can open up the basket of my heart and receive my daily portion of “manna” as I go before the Lord asking:

What is it He desires to reveal about Himself today?

What is it that He wants me to change?

What is it that He would desire me to do?

What is it that He wants me to trust Him with?

What is it………?

Then in His mercy and faithfulness, as the Lord fills my basket while ministering to my spirit and bringing me revelation, I am sustained and strengthened for one more day.

How about you?  What is it that you need today?  Be encouraged, for just as the manna was daily placed before the Israelites , God has your daily supply as well.

                                            Be Blessed and have a joyous Day!


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