Give us this Day!

I set “Give Us This Day! to go out on the 18th”  Somehow it posted before.  So if anyone is wondering…this is my post for Monday the 18th. 

Yesterday, I wrote about the definition of manna.  Today; however,I want to focus on the regularity of its supply.  A  number of years ago I was going through an extensive court battle which at it’s onset  my lawyer assured me would be settled in three months.  However, upon approaching the one year mark ; not only had it become apparent that I was going to have to hang in for the long haul, I was also wondering why I had been blessed with the slowest lawyer on the face of the earth.

With each passing day, I became more anxious and often I would reach for the phone to call my lawyer to ask him to accelerate the process only to be stopped before dialing his number by the gentle voice of the Lord telling me to put down the receiver and trust Him .  Not only did my comprehension of this new aspect of trust, which I definitely was failing at, defy my definition of common sense, it also hindered me from being able to “get on with my life” 

Now, you have to realize, that to me “getting on with” my life meant that I was expecting for God not only to show me the outcome of this particlar situation..and soon,  but I was also believing that He would present me with a five-year plan for my future… complete with Bold outlines and subheadings.  

Anyway, one morning, when I was worrying about future decisions such as moving , schooling, and career choices, I was reminded that in the Book of Exodus, the Israelites were supplied with a daily portion of manna.  It was then impressed upon my heart that I too could trust that I would daily receive everything I needed…And I did!

My manna came in different forms, but whether it appeared physically as in clothes, money, or groceries left at my door, or in scriptures and insight given by others  or impressed upon my heart, I was never left lacking.  Sometimes my manna came as specific instructions … “Today, go find out how much the car is worth.”… ” Today, you are to get the house appraised.”…Today, you are to just spend time with your children.” … “Today, you are to take your children to McDonald’s.”   (I’m not kidding about the last one either.  Maybe I’ll share that story with you sometime.) 

Anyway, daily as I was given specific direction, my trust in the  Lord’s care for me, in His timing, and in His provision begin to grow, and my  anxiousness began to subside.  In Philippians 4 the word tells us that we are not to be anxious for anything.  I’m still working on that one… for anything is a very broad term!

But even though I have not conquered the whole anxiousness thing,  I can say that when I do lay down my fears and trust the Lord to provide for me daily I have a lot less confusion and a whole lot more peace.  

Why do you think that God provided only enough manna for each day?  Was it to guard against greed or to teach the people to trust..or both?  Do you think that even though the manna was supplied every morning there might have been some anxious souls who woke up to face each day terrified that their supply might be lacking?

In Philippians 4 we are given step by step instructions to combat anxiousness. I find that when I put them into practice the results have always been peace.

1. Do not worry (sounds simple and impossible at the same time)-to me this means that I need to make a choice to trust the Lord and lay my cares and burdens at His feet

2. Pray about everything (including asking Lord to meet my needs)

3. Be thankful– no matter what I think or feel I need to thank God for His faithfulness and thank Him in advance for the provision He has for me.

Following these simple steps opens me up to receive God’s peace which guards my heart and my mind from fear.

May the Lord’s peace be poured out upon you today as you cast your cares on Him and trust Him in this day!


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